56 type spear (is holster not box)
56 type spear (is holster not box)
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Long degrees: 38 cm
Cutter diameter: 1.6 CM
Weight: 300 g
Blade material: alloy steel
Hard degree: 60
56 type triangular bayonet, once was China's people's liberation army (PLA) to fight the most powerful kill the enemy, her renowned feats, is the general military enthusiasts collection of high-quality goods. The blade edge type, three blood slot. The knife after heat treatment, high hardness, can penetrate the ordinary puncture-proof clothing. Blade heat treatment with toxins, once Pierce human skin wound is difficult to heal. Ring and the base blade with a gun, can be in in 56 type semi-automatic rifles and 56 56-2-1, fully automatic rifles. Blade through to light processing, blade are pale, not reflective. Detachable handle. This product is used by soldiers in battle or training, the surface looks a little vicissitudes of life, now retired, scarcity, the market has been hard to find, is a precious collections.