38 the thorn
38 the thorn
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The knife. 38 the thorn

Process of development of bayonet, 30 years in 1890 in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan's then artillery plant manager friend sitting correctly colonel to research and development new rifle, murata, rifle, to replace the old one in 1897 (Meiji 30 years, which is the origin of the name of the bayonet 30-year) formally finalize the new gun, called 30 years type friends prefer 6.5 mm rifle (common people often say that gold rifles), At the same time, a matching 30 years bayonet, also known as Yusaka bayonet, was designed for the gun. New gun is used in the day of war, according to the actual combat experience, then for 30 years, the rifle bolt, insurance and aiming device is improved, and in 1905 (Meiji 38 years) formally finalize the design for 38 years type rifle (notorious 38 big cover), 30 years of bayonet, because itself is relatively perfect design and good performance in the day of war It was inherited unchanged and used until the surrender of Japan. The type 99 7.7mm rifle under the rock was produced in 1939 (2599 In The Period of Shinmuji in Japan), and the type 99 bayonet was still used for 30 years. The same bayonet was matched with three rifles in different periods, which was also rare in the development history of weapons. This can also see the 30 - year bayonet single from the weapon itself for excellent performance! The 30-year bayonet (the infamous 38th Army bayonet) became one of the most famous military bayonets of World War II.

Type: Saber

Length: 51 cm

Blade length: 39 cm

Hilt length: 12 cm

Thickness: 0.7 cm

Width: 2.4 cm

Hardness: 58 HRC

Blade material: high carbon steel

Shank mining: steel + rosewood

Surface: sanding

Scabbard: all steel + detachable cowhard leather cover


Weight: 1400g (including packaging) net weight 720g

Packaging: High-end gift box

Origin: China