2022 stone wash version (tanks)
2022 stone wash version (tanks)
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2022 (tank)
Black blade version [celebrate] [celebrate]
The lovely tactics [color] [color]
Reproduction is the current popular Japanese sword masters. Thandiwe guru bowie knife
From the current popular Japanese sword masters. Thandiwe grams, works extremely tough. This comes from the United States has a long past traditional Oregon, ZhiYeZhi where nearly 10 years, especially the Japanese paintings with exquisite workmanship, and is famous for its unique design. This work is extremely fierce, edge, angular, sharp hale, this also is a popular one big reason. The master Japanese where all hunting
Steel: import A8 (keel) integrated steel hardness: 59 RHC
Vacuum oil heat treatment
Long: 300 mm
Blade length: 170 mm.
Shank length: 130 mm
Blade thickness: 6 mm
Hardness, performance is remarkable,
Effect of sanding surface treatment.
G10 handle collocation,
Surface groove grinding increase, handle with K sheath is received. High performance tactical knife, feel is very perfect.